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     We are India’s Leading manufacturer and trader of reclaim rubber. With our strong technical skills, along with dedicated management team, our products are being exported to more than 19 countries around the world.

     Rubix International belongs to the group of company who initially started in 2001 as Dyes and Pigments manufacturer. In 2003, seeing the upcoming potential in India’s real estate market, company diversified and enter into the manufacturing of ceramic tiles. Today, it’s among India’s top ten ceramic manufacturers.

     Excited with the huge export potential and seeing the India’s rubber dispose problems, company started Rubix International with ultra modern R&D and manufacturing facility.

      Here at Rubix International, our products are manufactured using most advance machinery and technology currently available in the world. We have equipped state of the art pollution control techniques and machinery  thus making the process and products highly environment friendly.


     Client’s satisfaction is our biggest achievement. Some of the customers include most renowned manufacturers of rubber tyres and tubes around the world. Our Quality department have set the highest quality standards among reclaim industries, thus we have the highest confidence in our product quality and consistency. Some of our customers are dealing with us from the beginning of our company, thus inspiring us to constantly improve our product and server them better.

     We are very serious regarding our social and moral responsibility. We organize regular health and training camps for our workers. Also make sure that, our worker children get proper food and education. We also take care that our production facility employs state of art pollution control system. Thus trying to protect our Eco system in all the possible ways.

     Rubix International’s strength is its rich heritage of manufacturing experience and highly qualified team of chemical, mechanical and electrical engineers. The habit of TQM and lifelong customer relationship has put the Rubix International on the globe with 90% of revenue coming from export.